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Funeral Arrangements

After losing a loved one, most families get in touch with us by telephone initially. Our staff will ask for a few preliminary details such as the full name and address of the person who has passed away and the address where that person has died. If the person has died at home and the doctor has attended we can, if the family wish us to, make arrangements to move the deceased to our Chapel of Rest. In certain circumstances, for example if the death has been sudden or unexpected, the Coroner may be involved. Your Funeral Director will be able to advise you of the procedures involved and can also liaise with the Coroner's Officers on your behalf regarding the certification required for the funeral to take place.

Once initial contact has been made with our office, we can then arrange for a mutually convenient date and time for the Funeral Director to call and see you. The arrangements can be made at your home address or at our premises, whichever is more convenient or suitable for yourself and your family.


When the Funeral Director calls

When the Funeral Director calls he will give you advice on how to register the death. The next of kin should take the death certificate issued by the family Doctor, Hospital, or Coroner to the local registrar. The Funeral Director will also discuss the type of funeral required and will enquire if a burial or cremation service is to take place and if there is to be a church service beforehand.