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Alison Crake is Senior Partner at Crake and Mallon Funeral Service, and NAFD Past President 

She began her career in 1979, dealing with administration duties within the Company. In 2006, Alison decided to expand her knowledge by going into further education and in 2008, she graduated from the University of Teesside with a Master's degree in Business Administration and Enterprise. Immediately after this she became a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.  Alison's dissertation for her MBA was on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the funeral profession, this interest in EI has led to her gaining a MSCEIT accreditation which allows her to administer and interpret Emotional Intelligence psychometric testing. She has since written for the NAFD's magazine on the importance of EI in the funeral profession

In May 2017, Alison was elected President of the National Association of Funeral Directors.  Established in 1905, the NAFD upholds standards and champions the needs of the funeral profession and the bereaved families they care for across the United Kingdom.

It is the largest trade association for the funeral sector with almost 4,000 members who between them, organise about 80% of all funerals held in the UK each year.  Alison is the organisation’s 99th President and her role encompasses leading the organisation in its representations at all levels of Government on legislative matters as well as its campaigning on funeral matters.

Alison has served on the NAFD’s Committee of Professional Development (CPD) since 2010, and has been an elected member of the NAFD’s Executive since 2012.    One of her first tasks is working with a newly formed Board of Education to expand upon the work of the CPD.  The BoEd will be responsible for creating the vision, strategy and plan for training and education services for the benefit of funeral service employers and their employees.  Alison states “I am honoured and privileged to represent my profession at this level.  I will do my utmost to justify the trust placed in me and I will ensure that all I meet know that the NAFD is and always has been, committed to the highest of standards; that whilst we, the NAFD, represent the views and interests of funeral businesses, we will never do so to the detriment of the bereaved and the families we care for.


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